#SUFFERING – The Facebook LIVE teaching series – Digest

From the week 23-26th May, David shot a series of Facebook LIVE video teachings on the subject of suffering.  They were very popular, starting with a teaching on the Forerunner’s reward.  ENJOY! Below are the Facebook embedded videos.  If they don’t work, try this Youtube Playlist set of the same videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtXqWw_hWPxhgM-QWX1SDZ9XiSIpcFiv6 SESSION 1   SESSION 2… Continue reading #SUFFERING – The Facebook LIVE teaching series – Digest

Micro-Lending in Plain English

I made this video last week to show our church how micro-lending and micro-enterprise work in thrid world and developing countries. Nat and I love heading up the missions department at Kings – this was a bit of fun to make too. [youtube BNz6huOeoxo] If you want to know more or get involved in making… Continue reading Micro-Lending in Plain English