The Father’s Blessing of LOVE

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If you grew up with the most amazing dad who regularly blessed you, please stop reading. This is not for you.

The other 95% of the population might want to read on.

What I discovered in my travels as a speaker and prayer counsellor to pastors and leaders is this: most people have what I call ‘a blessing deficiency.’

It’s sorta like a vitamin deficiency in your soul… and the shocking thing is, you don’t know you’ve missed out on something you needed till you start getting it (or at least see it demonstrated well). That’s what happens with effective blessing. You realise you were created to be regularly blessed by others… at minimum, mum and dad.

Yep, it was mum and dad’s job to intentionally bless you regularly. This is where people get a little angry (defensive) towards me because I tell them what SHOULD have happened growing up. But here’s what I’ve discovered from months of hard-core study and years of demonstrating this on road: At minimum, to thrive, have the odds stacked in your favour and to have your identity flourish in Christ, you should have been blessed every week since the the day you were conceived. If something inside you is stirring now, it may just be your heart letting you know it was made for blessing!

The technical term psychologists and human behaviour specialists use to describe situations where we don’t get what we are created for is ‘Absence Trauma’. Yes, it’s actually traumatic to not get what you needed. A lack of food would traumatically starve a body of nourishment. The same goes with the lack of effective blessing. It starves our souls and spirits of nourishment.

Again, you were made to be; affirmed, encouraged and blessed by your dad regularly. Jesus was! His step-dad Joseph would have blessed him every Friday night at Shabbat like good Jewish dad’s have done for centuries. Then, we see His Father go out His way to affirm Him from the heavens in His adult years.

So after walking through my own heart-wrenching learning curve and studying the power of blessing for about 6 months, I started implementing it in my own home. As an Aussie-thirty-something father of three young kids who’s been married for nearly two decades (yes I married young), I can tell you this with full confidence: the power of blessing to transform lives is supernatural and remarkable. The evidence in our homes and thousands of others who’ve bought our albums and heard us teach on the blessing speaks for itself.

To deal with the demand for personal prayer I would get after teaching on ‘Building a Culture of Blessing’, I created this Father’s Blessing of Love album. It took me around 2 months to craft and create because I wanted to make sure it covered all the key areas outlined in Genesis 1:28. Delight, Design, Destiny and Dominion. What I call the 4D Blessing model (online instructions here). 

To date we’ve sold and given away thousands of copies and received so much positive feedback from around the world. People of all ages go to sleep with it and allow it permeate their hearts over whatever period of time they like. Some have seen incredible change in their identity within days. Others have been playing it for years because they say my gentle voice sends them to sleep. (Most speakers would be horrified but I’m stoked! Who doesn’t like a good night’s sleep!?!)

A recent testimony from Sharon in Florida

Not only do I get testimonies from people who describe inner transformation and radical change in their relationship with God – many have written to me saying areas like health, relationships, jobs and finances have prospered enormously after listening to it by faith and saying ‘Yes Lord!’

So the Father’s Blessing of Love album contains over 20 scriptures and goes for 40 minutes. It’s simply me, as a dad, speaking a blessing over you which is grounded in scripture and a revelation of God’s love for His children. I want you to get what you were created for! I want you to prosper in all areas just as your soul prospers (3 Jn 1:2)! Carla Reed plays the most beautiful piano music in the background and I know you are going to love it.

We’ve kept the price fair and affordable. I actually don’t see spiritual resource as a cost or expense. I learnt long ago that good Christian resource is an eternal investment. That being said, if you find it’s not what you need and was a bad investment, we’ll refund your money no questions asked.

P.S.  To my American friends, all my prices are Australian Dollars which converts to around 25% less in US Dollars. You’re already getting blessed! 🙂

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By the way, all these prices are Australian Dollars which converts to around 25% less in US Dollars.

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