The mature masculine:

1. Does parental intimacy well.
2. Creates life. Doesn’t destroy it.
3. Knows his Source, relationally.
4. Exposes darkness, inside and out.

Of late, my heart has been stirred around the need in our nation for men to continually commit to a life of maturity.

Growing old (in age) is not a sign of growing up into maturity. In the same way, being a biological father doesn’t make you the dad your kids need. A commitment to maturity will cost you. It must cost you. It must be immensely tough at times. It must require more courage than you’ve ever thought you had. It simply must…

Because maturity requires; truth-telling, confession, repentance, commitment, a surrender to Life’s humiliation of the ego and false self.

I believe that our Western society lacks true (tribal) elders – men especially, who are mature and have done the necessary inner work to now love their family, community, the orphans and widows, without strings attached. Where the 4 points I opened with reflect ‘the way of their being.’

This lack of male elders is a modern societal tragedy, in my view.

I’m determined to keep marching forward into maturity – for Christ’s sake. For heaven’s sake. For the sake of a generation who will follow me – beginning with me, then my sons, then those who will take up their own cross and walk alongside me forward into the eternal-kind-of-life now.

Who’s with me? Reach out, please.

~ David Tensen

(BTW, The 4 points are a reflection on John 1:1-4)

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