Door of Vulnerability

I’ve been meditating and considering the importance of ‘Vulnerability’ since September. This morning I shared at Caloundra CityLife Baptist on the Vulnerability of God – it’s really an amazing truth.

I believe we were created for connection to God, others, ourselves and nature.

Vulnerability really is at the core of this connection OR disconnection.

We each have a ‘door of vulnerability‘ that keeps in and out both love and pain, joy and suffering, acceptance and rejection. Unfortunately we can’t choose to  have a door that is only open to ‘the good things’. It’s all or nothing

We hold the keys to this door and few people live with it open. But I believe God has, always will and that’s demonstrated though out scripture, right through to it’s manifestation in the life of Jesus and beyond.

As we can behold the Vulnerability of God, we are then given the strength to return to others and live with the door open. It’s a beautiful cycle that we see throughout scripture. Surprisingly, Hagar in Genesis 16 demonstrates this beautifully.

So below is the MP3 player for the audio message play it on this page OR you can download it with the slides and the prayer poem by clicking here

Would love to hear your thoughts on it, as well as some of the questions and pondering I put forward throughout the message. (30mins)