cyclistYesterday morning I went for a 35km cycle with my dad.

We were humming for most of the way from Maroochydore to Kawana via Buderim.  Usually our average speed is around 25km/h but this day it was more like 30km/h.  However, half way through the ride things slowed down substantially.  30km/h became 20km/h.  Why?  Wind conditions.

This unseen force cut my productivity down by 33% and I had to spend more energy keeping at that speed!

In business and life, we all love the feeling of having the wind behind us giving us a push along. But wind’s change…

Personally, I think our economy had a good bit of ‘wind up it’s tail’ for years.  If you bought homes or started businesses from around 2001 onwards, you were pretty much guaranteed to get a good windfall (pun intended?).  We witnessed genuine idiots strike it lucky and be fooled into thinking they were ready to take on the world and ride the Tour de France… All until 08-09 GFC when the winds changed – and they changed dramatically.

We’ve witnessed those who crashed their bikes when headwind came.   We’ve seen others get off their bikes and sit on the side of the road till the winds change back in the favour. Heck, I’ve seen some people take a whole group of fellow riders out of the race with them because they decided to simply give-up.

But what I love are the people who grit their teeth, face the wind and keep cycling – albeit at 30% less speed with 50% more effort…

You see, the winds will change. They always change. But the race continues and I’ve chosen to “do what I can” to be amongst those still in the race and encourage others along with me. Because I want to be in the leader’s pack when the winds change again and it’s easier to ride in a group than solo.

What about you?

The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course. Eccl 1:6