A woman’s body is not yours, son.
And yours not hers.
Never forget,
  she’s not yours to possess.

Before you hold her
  to your hip,
hold her in your heart, son
  in love.
  in adoration.
  in mutual respect.

A woman is not a goal to score
  or wild sea to tame.
Never claim her
  as a notch on your belt
  or someone you nailed;
  this would only tell me
  your masculinity
  has divorced
  your humanity.

Hollywood holds no light
  to the ragged beauty
  of true togetherness.

Love and lust and sex
  are terribly messy, son.
They are fragile
  and break often;
  this is normal.

Invest in your soul, son.
And do not throw it
  to the wind,
  or any woman
  who throws herself
  at your feet.

Wait. Wait for those
  worthy of your fine heart.

You’ll learn lots as you go
  through joy, pain and elation.
Just promise me, son
  you’ll go slow
  making every date
  and ‘I Do’ count
  for both of you.

David Tensen