Nat and I are very grateful to God for linking us with the ministry and teaching of Elijah House Ministries.  It has honestly transformed our lives and enriched our relationships. As Christians, one of the grave mistakes we can make is to think that some special prayer at the front of a church one day followed by trying to act according tot he religious value system you find yourself in will bring true freedom and transformation of the heart. [buzzer] WRONG!!

Yet it’s how so many live their lives – rarely experiencing and living from the heart blueprint God had planned for them before the foundation of the world. It’s exciting, life-changing, sometimes-painful, always-rewarding stuff.

I was honoured to present this video at a recent leaders conference in Brisbane.  If you’re moved and want to experience transformation yourself, visit the  Elijah House Ministries for a course near you or start by grabbing one of John Loren Sandfords books like Transforming The Inner Man: God’s Powerful Principles for Inner Healing and Lasting Life Change (Transformation)
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