As part of what I do, I get to speak and minister in all kinds of denominations and church family environments. Some of them may not agree with the theology of others but the most attractive thing in all these places is a deep and honest love for Jesus and His creation.

I think about the twelve tribes of Israel and also the twelve disciples Jesus hand picked. All very different characters, backgrounds, weaknesses and strengths.

I know that part of our formation as Sons of God comes through being put amongst others with different views, opinions and passions concerning life, the Kingdom and how it should all look.

But just as the high priest in the Old Testament would go into the holy of holies with a breastplate containing gems representing the 12 tribes, so we have a high priest in Jesus Christ who petitions on our behalf before the Father – all of us on His heart.

Personally I don’t think unity is a choice. In Christ, we are already unified – His blood was shed for all, bringing us all into the light through one body. I’m convinced that most of the time it’s our unredeemed mind and deep fears that hinder the true expression of love for one another and covenant we have been called to live in.

So may we be a people who choose unity above uniformity. Diversity above division. The gift of another above the gifts that they have. The way that God sees them above the way they see God.
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