Lately, I’ve been building an increasing number of websites for international authors and speakers.

They love the flexiblity and engagement that my websites bring them. They are getting great traffic and love the fact that they get to create and tweak the content as much as they want – when they want.

The great thing about working with authors and speakers is that they are proffessional communicators and there is no easier way to reach out and connect with the world than through the web.

Here’s how simple it is for authors and speakers to ‘connect¬† with their tribe’

They log in to the web based back-end of their site (like I’m doing right now). They write a heading, the body of their article or newsletter and even add a photo and some links if they like.¬† They click one PUBLISH and automatically:

  • The article appears on the front page of their site/blog.
  • The content they’ve written goes to Facebook and posts a note against their profile for their friends to read.
  • An automatic Twitter notification is created with a link to their article.
  • Anyone subscribed to receive their articles via email will get it within 24 hours.

It’s so simple and easy.

Here are some of my clients I’m blessed to work with:

Amanda Gore – The Gospel of Joy

Mary O’Dwyer – Hold it Sister

Jodie Hedley-Ward – The Motherhood Study

Steve Penny – Where’s the Miracle

Ken Wright – The People Pill – (site coming soon)