Hi friends,

We wanted to share with you some insights into our world. God is so good and faithful. It’s hard to know where the year has gone.  We are in awe with what He has allowed us to be part of and the doors that are opening.

As some of you may have read in previous updates, this year has been full of more travel, speaking and ministry opportunities than ever before. We are grateful for the favour and way in which Father is positioning us to impact hearts and lives across the globe. By God’s grace and favour, I have just returned from Asia (disclosed location) and head to Israel in September on invitation also. The prophetic words of expansion, acceleration and influence are coming to pass. Organisations, leaders and churches continue to make contact with us so it’s with prayerful steps that we are moving forward in obedience to our Master’s call.

Across June we really felt a stirring in our spirits and as we waited on God for confirmation we received several timely words from trustworthy prophetic voices about days past, present and future. By faith we have made some large decisions, hard decisions, that we want share with you so you might pray and support us as God leads.

As many may know, I’ve had the privilege of working with Elijah House Australia, serving as National Manager for 2.5 years now. All 5 wonderful staff of this 200+ volunteer ministry organisation are part-time casual and those who know this industry, understand that roles and responsibilities of staff often include a heart and commitment for the mandate that goes beyond a few paid casual hours.

Mid June the Lord directed us to notify the Board of my intention to resign as position as National Manager. As part of this transition out of the position I will work with them where possible as they move into new ministry areas and directions.  In the future I may also teach and minister for them in an itinerant capacity from time to time.

This new season means we will be more available in an itinerant ministry capacity as well as making time to write books and material that we believe the Lord has called us to create. Recently we made all our audio prayer downloads FREE for the month of July. Over 600 downloads so far and counting. Yay! Both Natalie and I have been seeing an increase in demand for personal prayer ministry, especially to leaders and parents and we want to avail ourselves to these areas of need also. We are convinced that the health of the local church is dictated by the hearts of it’s leaders and their families – this is why I often spend week days in active prayer ministry when I travel to teach and preach.

I’ll continue my one day per week part-time role at Caloundra CityLife where we are part of the Advanced Pastoral Care and Teaching team – we are so thankful for their heart to release us to the nations.

So, moving ahead into this next season we feel strongly to “Prepare Nets for Casting”. It’s been a crazy turbulent ride over the last 3 years. Never would we have imagined the doors God has opened and the empowering grace that has come with the demand. Never did we see the challenges and cost to do these things either. Jesus is wooing the heart of His bride and we feel called to prepare it. Nations are opening up with opportunities for us to speak into the core of it’s identity and we want to do all we can.

Again, we need two main things. Prayer and Provision.   We are moving into bigger areas of dependance on God and others in this next season as our tent-pegs broaden and our boundaries expand. We can’t do this on our own steam or smarts, so we are asking friends and followers to partner with us as we ‘Prepare Nets for Casting’ and walk in obedience to bring healing to the Nations.

There are 3 ways to give and we ask that you might consider a one-off or ongoing gift. This link will lead you to a DONATION page where you can enter an amount and at the checkout pay by PayPal or Secure Credit Card (eWay). One time C/Card or PayPal
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You can also give direct to our account: David Tensen BSB 084484 Account 943867208.

For those who want to partner with us in prayer over the next season, you can write you name in the form below and you’ll be included in prayer emails.

Love and Blessings!

David, Natalie and the kids


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