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#6. I discovered the richness of contemplative prayer.

Sadly, most Christian religious traditions rarely go out of their way to explore and explain different approaches to prayer. For me, coming from a Pentecostal background I tended to only know prayer as a time of petitioning (asking for intervention), praise or worship or speaking in tongues. Most of that was all done out loud and with plenty of energy. All of these things are fantastic but not necessarily formational. I’m so glad to have been introduced and practising some different forms of prayer this year. I have a feeling that many of these will be instrumental practices for me in the coming decades.

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NTMFS #4. I found impact in workplace transformation by implementing spiritual and relational practices.

I suspected the places of transformation God had in mind were way beyond the place we spend 2-4 hours per week in (church life). I was encouraged to discover that at the time of the Reformation 501 years ago, Martin Luther, who had lived in a monastery and pursued virtuous living there, encouraged believers to practise formational living at HOME and in the WORKPLACE. Historians know that this is where the protestant work-ethic was birthed.

…Now, in under 10 months, we’ve seen increase in workplace engagement by an average of 7.6% and personal growth factors by an average of 10.3% in the Australian office. An average of over 5% region wide.

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NTMFS #2 . I asked for help by learning I can’t do this on my own.

As the clock ticked over into 2018 I had no idea what the year ahead was going to look like. Due to emotional, spiritual and physical exhaustion, the role of travelling healer, speaker and trainer looked like it was over.

I spent weeks on the sofa in a dark cloud of ‘what the heck are we gonna do!!?”

Beneath that lament was the deeper question I needed to be asking, “Who am I if I’m not what I was?”. 

This inner voice was closely followed by another echoing my compassion fatigue, “I don’t want to see another church, plane, pastor-with-an-issue or I’m gonna have a panic attack and lose my shit at someone.”

Just being honest here, folks… and I needed to be honest with myself and the ever-increasing voice of my shadow side; whose balls and voice was growing bigger by the day. My own brokenness demanded attention.

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