New Apple iPad Video

If you haven’t yet seen or heard much about the new Apple iPad due for release in Australia this year, here is your chance.

It looks quite amazing and should price at under $1000AUD

If you  can’t see the video click here

There is a heap more info on it here

(Guess it’s a good time to start building apps – all the iPhone apps will work on it too!)


  1. James Miller February 26, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    Hey Dave

    /begin rant

    Meh, no usb, no hdmi(no video out at all), no multi tasking, no camera, no real keyboard, no ethernet, no flash support, the list continues. I am totally underwhelmed. Utter garbage really. If they had put OSX on it perhaps it would have been something worthwhile. There is no innovation in the product at all. I would take a netbook any day of the week. Try typing on the iPad’s virtual keyboard for any length of time. It will be the pits. Can you put it on your lap and type? I doubt it – the viewing angles will be terrible – you’ll have to position yourself directly above the screen or bring your knees up into the fetal position to make it work. And have you ever tried typing on a virtual keyboard? Like regular typing?

    Add to all this the fact that in the latest iphone OS 3 beta SDK there are references to a product that has video capabilities on a screen that is 500 pixels….I’ll give you a hint, the only screen this fits is the ipads LCD. But the ipad doesn’t have video capabilities you say! Correct, it doesn’t. At least, not this version. But clearly version 2 is going to have video (read camera), and they haven’t even released version 1 yet!!! Way to go Apple! Release a sub par product and gouge people for money!

    If you want to look at a product with real innovation, have a look at the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid.

    /end rant

    🙂 Talk to you later, Apple fanboi…

  2. George Inggs February 28, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    Geez James – trolling much? For a guy who’s into the Apple bashing, you seem to know an awful lot about their devices and SDKs. Perhaps a closet fanboi yourself?

    I have been anti-Apple my entire life, to the point of owning and running a PC support business specifically to not have to ever deal with them, but, recently having bought an iPhone, I am pleasantly surprised at just how slick (and useful) they actually are.

    Maybe wait until the iPads are released and in peoples’ hands before passing judgement.

    I’m just saying is all …

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