Occupation and Vocation – Audio Sermon

Embedded Audio: (via YouTube) MP3 Download Download Sermon mp3 here: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0Bz_qexoJDYk1WThONWk2NFcydmc&export=download Sermon Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q4R59ExJTZUXP3wgRvyZLpy0DA5oRvnpFS-DcNp_OlY/edit?usp=sharing  

Looking into ’13. Audio Message

Was honoured to speak at Caloundra City Life Baptist on the last Sunday of 2012. I spoke from Genesis 18 and some treasures in the Hebrew number 13. Here are the slides, the message in a zip file for download and below is a streaming player of the message.  Love to hear from you if… Continue reading Looking into ’13. Audio Message

Hello Android

I recently gave my iPhone to my wife and went out and bought the new HTC Desire Andriod phone.  Telstra finally came up with some fair phone deals and data plans.  Seeing that Android phones outsold iPhones last quarter in the US, I thought I’d see what the fuss is about. What’s an Android phone?… Continue reading Hello Android

Speed and THEN Design

With the speed of the economy and production, the short shelf life of news and the countless opportunities for innovation available to spread news about a product, cause or idea, I believe the need for speed in marketing now outweighs design. The term “don’t worry be crappy” comes to mind when clients pitch me an… Continue reading Speed and THEN Design

I’m not a Flasher but I like to have fun!

Today a guy asked me if I build websites using FLASH.   I said, ‘No’.  (Flash sites are those super dynamic moving images and things you used to see on a lot of websites.) His next question was, ‘Do you do SEO.’  I said, “Yes, and sort of. Generally my sites generate good ranking because I… Continue reading I’m not a Flasher but I like to have fun!

Stale Bread – Want some?

Unless we’re talking about croutons – no one likes stale bread. We all like fresh bread.  Many of us (including google) don’t visit stale websites either. We like fresh websites with new content – that’s why most people spend time on social media sites like facebook and youtube and twitter– because there is always something… Continue reading Stale Bread – Want some?