Unskilled Fathers

I recently watched the ABSENT Movie. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do. It outlines the epidemic of fatherless generations and it’s’ effect on society. Some of my favourite authors and thinkers appear in the doco including Richard Rohr and John Eldredge. At a  recent event that I briefly spoke at, I shared… Continue reading Unskilled Fathers

Pilate’s Plight. An Audio Sermon.

Preached at Caloundra City Life Baptist Church as part of the series leading up to Easter. Reading from John 19:1-27.  Narrowing in on verse 11. See how Jesus, in the midst of his own pain, reaches out to Pilate and brings healing to his heart. Sermon Notes are available here to download.  LINK TO PDF NOTES… Continue reading Pilate’s Plight. An Audio Sermon.