Hello Android

I recently gave my iPhone to my wife and went out and bought the new HTC Desire Andriod phone.  Telstra finally came up with some fair phone deals and data plans.  Seeing that Android phones outsold iPhones last quarter in the US, I thought I’d see what the fuss is about. What’s an Android phone?… Continue reading Hello Android

New Apple iPad Video

If you haven’t yet seen or heard much about the new Apple iPad due for release in Australia this year, here is your chance. It looks quite amazing and should price at under $1000AUD https://videopress.com/v/wp-content/plugins/video/flvplayer.swf?ver=1.15 If you  can’t see the video click here There is a heap more info on it here (Guess it’s a… Continue reading New Apple iPad Video

Merry Christmas

I want to take this opportunity to wish all my readers, clients and friends a merry Christmas and the best new year. If you don’t mind, I’m naming next year 2010sen. I’ll be working across the break excluding the public holidays so please don’t hesitate in contacting me with any requests. This is posted from… Continue reading Merry Christmas

Speed and THEN Design

With the speed of the economy and production, the short shelf life of news and the countless opportunities for innovation available to spread news about a product, cause or idea, I believe the need for speed in marketing now outweighs design. The term “don’t worry be crappy” comes to mind when clients pitch me an… Continue reading Speed and THEN Design

davidtensen.com Week 6 – Quick Links + News + Help for Victorian Fire Victims

Hi Readers, A few extra links this week – last week ran away from me. At the bottom of this page are details of how you can assist those effected by the Victorian Bush Fires through a local Sunshine Coast effort. New media goes UP. Old media goes DOWN. Stats prove that a ‘simple website’… Continue reading davidtensen.com Week 6 – Quick Links + News + Help for Victorian Fire Victims