Speed and THEN Design

With the speed of the economy and production, the short shelf life of news and the countless opportunities for innovation available to spread news about a product, cause or idea, I believe the need for speed in marketing now outweighs design. The term “don’t worry be crappy” comes to mind when clients pitch me an… Continue reading Speed and THEN Design

Producing a Manifesto – What, Why and How.

A client-friend of mine recently published a book which won business book awards over Seth Godin and Peter Drucker.    Ken Wright’s new book “the People Pill” has become one of those I-need-to-read-this-yearly type book to those I’ve recommended it too. I’d recommend you head on over to http://www.thepeoplepill.com and start by downloading the Free 12… Continue reading Producing a Manifesto – What, Why and How.

Baby boomers and social media

According to an article written on multichannelmerchant.com: More than 30 million baby boomers now connect on LinkedIn, and even more are on Twitter. And it doesn’t stop there. According to recent data from Inside Facebook, the number of U.S. Facebook users over age 35 doubled in 60 days–and is still on the rise.   more… The… Continue reading Baby boomers and social media

davidtensen.com Week 3 – Quick Links + News + More

Something a little different this week.  Below are some requests for help from some of my readers. Help needed – Sunshine Coast readers: 1.  A reader has asked me to put feelers out for anyone who knows of 100sq m of office space that they can lease in the Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Kawana area? 2.  A… Continue reading davidtensen.com Week 3 – Quick Links + News + More