Bankrupt, broken, limping and transformed.

While family and friends my age were getting homes (mortgages), upgrading cars and furniture, Natalie and I were getting ruthless calls from banks demanding repayments whilst wondering how we were going to afford basic meals and rent. As a father of 3 young children, this was tough. In a culture where success is largely measured… Continue reading Bankrupt, broken, limping and transformed.

Change and Desire

Have heard again in the past weeks about a stack of guys, my age (mid-thirties) really experience some major change in their lives.  Some forced, some voluntary. I know God is stirring and preparing a new Generation of Leaders. They are breaking out of the mould set upon them by culture and stepping into their… Continue reading Change and Desire

Transformed by Love

Nat and I are very grateful to God for linking us with the ministry and teaching of Elijah House Ministries.  It has honestly transformed our lives and enriched our relationships. As Christians, one of the grave mistakes we can make is to think that some special prayer at the front of a church one day… Continue reading Transformed by Love