Transformed by Love

Nat and I are very grateful to God for linking us with the ministry and teaching of Elijah House Ministries.  It has honestly transformed our lives and enriched our relationships. As Christians, one of the grave mistakes we can make is to think that some special prayer at the front of a church one day… Continue reading Transformed by Love

New Directions Presentation Notes

Today I was given the opportunity to give a presentation to around 80 real estate agents here on the Sunshine Coast at Remax Property Associate’s New Directions event. I shared on a simple and effective approach to using social media to build connections and grow relationships.  I then followed up with some info on trends… Continue reading New Directions Presentation Notes

2 Key Thoughts from 2009

There are 2 key lessons I’m going to take out of 2009.  I’d say I’ll carry them with me for the rest of my life because they’ve proved invaluable already. These may not apply to you but I’d thought I’d share them anyway. 1.  It’s extremely important to discern the difference between Responsibility and Concern.… Continue reading 2 Key Thoughts from 2009

Mix things up and be better equipped

I cycle to keep fit.  Not a lot, maybe 40KM per week.  A good work-out anyway. Living on Buderim means I have a hill to contend with everytime I ride home. Going down is cool but going up is where the blood starts to really pump.  I can choose to either do the long gradual… Continue reading Mix things up and be better equipped