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It’s in the blood: Why so many Evangelical Christians have a distrust for scientific authority.

So, my question is, why do so many good-hearted, bend-over-backwards, salt-of-the-earth Evangelicals have a distrust for authority, particularly scientific authority? Why is there is a common bias towards consuming and sharing media that pushes against the scientific community (e.g. the recent viral Plandemic video)? Where does the swing towards conspiracy come from? Surely, it’s not all conscientious click-consume-share behaviour!?

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Future-tech, Spirituality and Humanity – How Automation and A.I. will raise important questions. Video and Audio

Artificial Intelligence (also abbreviated as AI), and automation are no longer a pipe-dream or something held in the imagination of SCI FI writers – this is real! It’s happening now and through sheer disruption, future-tech…

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Soaking Prayer – Healing and Relief from Fear and Anxiety

This 30 minute audio prayer was especially developed for my own children as they battled with anxiety and fear. Since recording and releasing the prayer, adults and children alike have sent in stories and testimonies from all over the world of healing and relief from fear, stress, trauma and anxiety. Many sleeping well and overcoming anxiety attacks.

As a practicing prayer minister I know the great value of having resources and want to make this available to the wider public. The prayer includes soaking piano music in the background by Carla Reed.

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The Toll of Ministry Life – Emotional health, burnout and PTSD among clergy

A previous Danielsen study found post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in one Christian denomination’s clergy that “was higher than that of post-deployment soldiers.” We need to humanise this workspace. If church workers and their families are susceptible burnout, PTSD and other mental health challenges, it’s the joint responsibility of the body of Christ to address this with humility and seriousness. We can’t afford more casualties, especially when these casualties are injured serving their people.

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