One Year Later

#WOW. 366 days ago I posted this on Facebook: “In the last 10 days we drove 1300km. Preached twice. Got broken into and robbed. Announced a new ministry position for ’13. Kid breaks out in sores. New pup’s life taken by a snake. Plus other stuff I can’t mention. Despite these things, thanksgiving, peace and… Continue reading One Year Later

Unskilled Fathers

I recently watched the ABSENT Movie. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do. It outlines the epidemic of fatherless generations and it’s’ effect on society. Some of my favourite authors and thinkers appear in the doco including Richard Rohr and John Eldredge. At a  recent event that I briefly spoke at, I shared… Continue reading Unskilled Fathers

Like this if you Like me.

Have you ever posted a status on a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter only to find that nobody likes it, retweets it, or talks to you about it when you next see them? I mean, you knew this was GOLD! You knew that this status would draw at least one Like from a… Continue reading Like this if you Like me.

Stale Bread – Want some?

Unless we’re talking about croutons – no one likes stale bread. We all like fresh bread.  Many of us (including google) don’t visit stale websites either. We like fresh websites with new content – that’s why most people spend time on social media sites like facebook and youtube and twitter– because there is always something… Continue reading Stale Bread – Want some?

Facebook Usernames – From 2pm Sat Bris Time

To get to my twitter page you simply go to Easy right? But to get to my facebook page you’ll be lucky to find my URL with all it’s slashes and profile ID’s etc. But, at 2pm this Saturday Brisbane Time you’ll be able grab your personal URL enabling something like  Although if… Continue reading Facebook Usernames – From 2pm Sat Bris Time

Early beginnings of nothing new

U2’s Bono aka paul_hewson recently said on Twitter: “The emergence and refinement of social media could be one of the greatest and quietest cultural revolutions in history.” The important thing to remember in all of this Social Media talk is that we are not talking about tools that “needs” to exist.  Mankind, for thousands of… Continue reading Early beginnings of nothing new

Baby boomers and social media

According to an article written on More than 30 million baby boomers now connect on LinkedIn, and even more are on Twitter. And it doesn’t stop there. According to recent data from Inside Facebook, the number of U.S. Facebook users over age 35 doubled in 60 days–and is still on the rise.   more… The… Continue reading Baby boomers and social media Week 4 – Quick Links + News + More

Help needed: Thanks to all those who responded to my reader’s requests for help last week. Highly appreciated 😉 Dave’s Links: The future of the Internet – Ever wonder where it is headed. Get some sobre insight her What sort of entreprenuer are you? Be sure to read the three pages of the document and… Continue reading Week 4 – Quick Links + News + More

On using Twitter and other SNS’s for promotion

Being involved in media/marketing and having keen interest in All Things Internet, I often have people ask me about subjects that they have stumbled across or heard of and ask me a simple “what’s this _____ I’m hearing about?” Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people about using twitter and other social… Continue reading On using Twitter and other SNS’s for promotion