Choked with Compassion – Brennan Manning – VIDEO

About a decade ago I read Brennan Manning’s book Relentless Tenderness of Jesus.  I remember struggling to read most of it because of the tears in my eyes. As you do, you forget names and the impact of things.  Just last week though, I was looking for a video on Youtube and happened upon this great… Continue reading Choked with Compassion – Brennan Manning – VIDEO

Transformed by Love

Nat and I are very grateful to God for linking us with the ministry and teaching of Elijah House Ministries.  It has honestly transformed our lives and enriched our relationships. As Christians, one of the grave mistakes we can make is to think that some special prayer at the front of a church one day… Continue reading Transformed by Love

Are Aussies really into Blogs, Social Media and Web 2.0?

It’s a valid question, and one I often get asked by people who are considering using this online community to strengthen ties with friends, clients and potential customers. According to Forrester Research the figures point to a definite ‘YES’. The below chart categorizes techonology users into several categories.  Most interestingly is the difference between Creators… Continue reading Are Aussies really into Blogs, Social Media and Web 2.0?

Stale Bread – Want some?

Unless we’re talking about croutons – no one likes stale bread. We all like fresh bread.  Many of us (including google) don’t visit stale websites either. We like fresh websites with new content – that’s why most people spend time on social media sites like facebook and youtube and twitter– because there is always something… Continue reading Stale Bread – Want some?