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It’s in the blood: Why so many Evangelical Christians have a distrust for scientific authority.

So, my question is, why do so many good-hearted, bend-over-backwards, salt-of-the-earth Evangelicals have a distrust for authority, particularly scientific authority? Why is there is a common bias towards consuming and sharing media that pushes against the scientific community (e.g. the recent viral Plandemic video)? Where does the swing towards conspiracy come from? Surely, it’s not all conscientious click-consume-share behaviour!?

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Future-tech, Spirituality and Humanity – How Automation and A.I. will raise important questions. Video and Audio

Artificial Intelligence (also abbreviated as AI), and automation are no longer a pipe-dream or something held in the imagination of SCI FI writers – this is real! It’s happening now and through sheer disruption, future-tech…

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