Unskilled Fathers

I recently watched the ABSENT Movie. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do. It outlines the epidemic of fatherless generations and it’s’ effect on society. Some of my favourite authors and thinkers appear in the doco including Richard Rohr and John Eldredge. At a  recent event that I briefly spoke at, I shared… Continue reading Unskilled Fathers

Spiritual Dynamics in the Workplace – Authority Issues

This is part 1 of a series. Series Introduction If you think that there are no spiritual dynamics effecting your business/career/workplace perhaps it’s time to reconsider. For starters, we are spiritual beings, that have a soul and live in a body.  Spirituality can’t be separated from anything we say or do. Interestingly, many of the… Continue reading Spiritual Dynamics in the Workplace – Authority Issues

Vows and Oaths

Vows and oaths we make are serious things. They assert pressure on our lives in the spirit realm.  It doesn’t matter when we make them either – whether you’re 3, 30 or 60 years old. In fact, I’ve found ones made when I was younger have had time to mature and increase – the Holy… Continue reading Vows and Oaths

The wind up your tail

Yesterday morning I went for a 35km cycle with my dad. We were humming for most of the way from Maroochydore to Kawana via Buderim.  Usually our average speed is around 25km/h but this day it was more like 30km/h.  However, half way through the ride things slowed down substantially.  30km/h became 20km/h.  Why?  Wind… Continue reading The wind up your tail